Review: In the Light of the Moon

Author A.L. Kessler / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 166 Pages

In the Light of the Moon Cover

1st book in the series

A.L. Kessler visited us at Lilac Reviews a few days ago and shared with us the Pros and Cons of writing a series. Her Dark War Chronicles has three books so far. I think there is to be another.

I have enjoyed Laurell K. Hamilton books in the past. So I have a brief knowledge of books that mix lycans and vampires. That there are politics between the different packs and that there are family alliances, etc.

In the Light of the Moon’s main characters are Kassity and Jaxon, both panther lycans, and Lucius, a vampire. Lucius runs a territory and there is a war going on. This was a weakness to the first novel. We didn’t get really vested in who was fighting against who and more importantly, why we should care. I did care about Kassity and Jaxon. Lucious is still a little bit of a wild card. He seems to be the bad guy, but he does have a method for what he does. His actions aren’t just to be cruel. There are times when a person in power doesn’t explain all the reasons for his decisions. So A.L. is accomplished in creating believable characters.

It was a short, enjoyable read. It does have some adult content. I felt the ending left you adrift. It didn’t have that close the book shut feel when something was resolved. This may have been her intent. This may be the type of series where you are meant to purchase the further books to continue the story lines started in the preceding novels.

The other two books in the series are…

2nd = Dance in the Moonlight, 192 pages

3rd = On Torn Wings, 177 pages

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