Review: Get More Reviews So You Can Sell More Books

By Author E. T. Barton  /  Reviewed by Felita Daniels

20 Good, Bad & Questionable Tips for Amazon’s Review System

This book is written by a gal that earns her living full time through various writing endeavors. She’s a writer, blogger (multiple sites) and book reviewer. So she is social media savvy and understands the steps an author has to go through to promote their books. I’m going to quote a paragraph here from because I believe it is an excellent summary of the material in her book. More than that, it gives you a real taste for her writing style.

by Author E. T. Barton

by Author E. T. Barton

“In this Amazon guide, I am going to go over a whole bunch of marketing tricks that have to do with reviews. Some of them are basic “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am” types of Review-Collecting that many (if not all) authors are doing. Some are a bit trickier and even – dare I say – AGGRESSIVE methods that only the truly determined use to promote their books. And some you might think are just downright “Unethical” tips which you may want to dismiss altogether. Those “Questionable Methods,” I leave to you to decide on.”

I like that she also included some information about giving reviews and on handling negative reviews. The book came about after she had given some workshops on the topic of self-publishing on Amazon. So I am sure she noticed what types of questions attendees had over and over. She references sites and resources. I liked that when she mentions a piece of data she also indicates when or where it was true. For example: “Amazon sells 65% of all eBooks in the world at this time (October 2013).”

When she gets to the descriptions of the 20 tips, they are often laid out in 1, 2, 3 steps. It is also helpful that she includes some geeky type instructions when appropriate. One example is mentioning to include a shortened book page URL so that people who utilize tweeting have something to follow back to your purchase page. She then went on to tell you how to GET a shortened URL. While it isn’t a computer book… for those of us that are clueless she at least points us in the right direction.

I got this book on the new Unlimited Plan that Amazon rolled out. But now I don’t want to turn it back in! It is that good. As an author you may already be utilizing some of these processes. However, you may get some tips on how to do them more efficiently. Or you may pick up one more tool for your toolbox that you hadn’t used before. Highly recommended.


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