Review: Frontiers

Author Jeff W Horton / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 315 Pages

Frontiers Book CoverI was drawn to read this book by the great cover. I like science fiction and grew up watching Star Trek, Lost in Space and Star Wars. Even the title Frontiers promised a new world, or the edge of what we know, at least. Have you ever ordered a chocolate dessert and when you tasted it, there wasn’t that rich, gooey flavor you were hoping for? It’s still a great dessert, just different than your expectations.

I kept turning the pages waiting for the adventure to start off into space on this great ship on the cover. Sadly, you are only in the magnificent beast a few chapters near the end of the book. I did care about the characters, but it reads more like a political spy thriller novel. There are politicians, military and scientists all debating what to do with technology that can be used for good or for destroying mankind. Should it be shared, how should it be disclosed, should they be reimbursed for their investments?

You follow the life of an intelligently gifted young man who becomes a test pilot. His mother and father are both scientists and contribute greatly to understanding technology shared by a superior race. So maybe the title Frontiers is more metaphorical about the edge of our humanity and what that means.

It is book two in a series, but you don’t have to have read Cybersp@ce to enjoy this one. I think this author shows great promise.


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