Review: From Stress to Stillness

Author Gina Lake / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 262 Pages

I applaud anyone that works to add to another human’s happiness and peace. Every step in the right direction is a good thing. If everyone read this book, cumulatively the world will be better off. This work is organized into five chapters and there is also an appendix. I appreciate these tools. If someone is impatient and wants to skip to the section/ topic that gives them the most worries, they can. Then can go back to the other sections when they are ready to settle down with the whole book.

From the introduction:

“Although many of the things that cause stress are out of our control, much of our stress is caused by what we say to ourselves and by what we believe about ourselves, about life, and about others. This is something we do have control over.”

The author then goes on to explain about our egotic voice. That this self-talk may be adding to our stress and misleading us about our reality. Addressing this is the focus of the early chapters.

I found this sentence to be worth more than the cost of the book:

“The antidote to judgement is accepting people the way they are and not imposing our desires and expectations on them.”

This may be easier said than done. I liked the thought that “antidote” has a final meaning. Judgement can act as a poison in our system – but here is the cure.

Although I thought there was a lot of repetition in the early chapters (of word choice and phrasing of concepts). I did not find this to be the case in Chapter 4. This was my favorite chapter hands down. I suspect different people will have differing opinions due to what they struggle with. The topic of Presence and how to be in the now were covered. She gives some exercises and suggestions to help you be more aware of your present. Overall a good book to help you get closer to being happy in your life.


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