Review: Eye of the Storm

Author Kenneth Hoss / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / Pages 366

Eye of the Storm is the fourth book in the series featuring Kelli Storm as a  NYPD Detective. New York is the setting so there are plenty of bad guys. I don’t think you have to have read the earlier books to enjoy this one.

Police Procedural

Police Procedural

This work falls in the category of a police procedural. I do read these types of novels so I understand there is lots of legwork to solving a crime if it is remotely realistic. There were some opportunities to show some of the action, yet the author choose to skip to the next scene, omitting what transpired. We were cheated out of the experience to live through the dramatic physicality with the characters. I think this was a missed chance to add heightened tension.

For example: “Kelli sighed and looked around at the three men. “I guess we’re going in,” she said as she stepped away from the wall, brought her Glock up and faced the door. “On three.”

The next scene is labeled as at the Precinct: “Kelli watched Jamal through the one-way glass as he slowly rocked his chair back and forth between the wall and the table. He hadn’t gone down without a fight, and Chris had the black eye to prove it.”

There were two other memorable events that were handled in the same way. I don’t like to give away major plot points in reviews. There were multiple scenes where they were around a conference room table looking at pictures of the bad guys. These skipped action scenes and repeated conference room pow-wows made for a tame roller-coaster ride for me. I would have voted for ditching a case briefing and show me instead how Chris got the black eye.

The glimpses of law enforcement personalities, their routines, and dedication was admirable. I really enjoyed the two Russian characters that Kelli convinces to help her.

The other books in the series are:

1st           Storm Rising

2nd          Storm Warming

3rd           Deadly Storm


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