Review: Demon Stone

Today I’m excited to bring you a Review and Kind Fire Giveaway from Chris Datta. His first Novel Touched with Fire was a number one best-seller in the Historical Fiction category, and this supernatural thriller lives up to the high expectations readers have for this talented author.

The Demon Stone by Christoper Datta

The Demon Stone is a powerful supernatural thriller that leads you from the killing fields of Africa to the quiet Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. In braided narratives, Datta spins a terrifying story about the spiritual forces—both real and supernatural—that incite the basest, bloodiest and most frightening of human behaviors.
“Reading Chris Datta is like riding a rollercoaster. It’s a fast ride filled with twists and turns. His Demon Stone is scary fun. Stephen King, watch your back!”
-Richard Rashke, author of The Killing of Karen Silkwood
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Review of The Demon Stone

Author Christopher Datta / Review by Felita Daniels / 282 Pages

“The pilots were drunk, and the plane lurched left and right like a falling leaf as it dropped to the runway.”   I love when an author packs a punch in the first line. You are introduced to Kevin as he joins a longtime friend, Bill, in Africa. I was concerned at first that I wouldn’t know enough about foreign politics to grasp part of the storyline. But the author showed me the crucial parts of life in Africa and the way things worked there. We begin seeing how Bill and Kevin relate to each other and their opinions about life, work and what brings meaning to their existence.

The novel then shifts to a year later when Kevin is back in Minnesota beginning a camping trip with Beth, his daughter, and Liz, a female friend from the college days. There is indications that the past trip in Africa was traumatic. The author clearly defines when we are experiencing the past in Africa and the ‘present’ in Minnesota, there wasn’t any confusion there. However, I felt the switching was too quick (every chapter). As soon as I was getting vested in the setting, action and characters, he took us to the other time and place.

The writing in this novel is intelligent and there are lots of layers in thoughts of the characters and the themes involved. There are novels you breeze through comfortably like southern comfort food. This is more like a good dinner at a high class restaurant. There are nuances and multiple layers of flavors to the courses and sauces. It’s a meal that you are thoughtful about. I don’t like to give away parts of the story. I can say that there is much to make you worry about the characters that you like. Tension builds and the story really does make you think about evil and how it manifests in our world. It is a thriller and suspense novel as advertised. But in my mind it comes really close to being mainstream literary for the depth of the characters and the thought behind the themes and interrelationships. I’d call it an intense drive down a dark road where you increasingly feel something awful is going to happen, so you grip the steering wheel tighter and strain to see what is up ahead.


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About the Author

Chris1Debut author CHRISTOPHER DATTA is no stranger to civil conflict or the still-extant scourge of slavery. Most recently the acting ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan where he helped end a war in April of 2012, he has spent a distinguished career moving from one strife-torn country to another, including Lebanon, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. A lifelong student of the American Civil War, his research for Touched with Fire is exacting and based in part on a true story.


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