Review: Dead Reaper Walking

Author Mina Carter / Reviewer Felita Daniels / 86 Pages

This is an action-packed read. There’s some loving, some fighting and some mysteries to be solved.

This is book two in a series. The first was called The Reaper and the Cop. I have not read the first one. It didn’t hurt my enjoyment of Reaper. The first would no doubt tell you how Laney met the sexy cop Troy Regan. In Reaper there is a reference that they met the night before. So the action here takes place right after the first book.

Dead Reaper Walking Book Cover

Laney Larson and Troy Regan Faceoff with Demons

I believe at 86 pages this work is smack dab on the bubble for being a novelette or a novella. For those of you that are not that technical, just know that this is a short read that can be done in a couple of hours. The writer uses sentence fragments at times as part of Laney’s sharp, quick tone. That staccato style keeps the pace going. For some of the English teachers out there, it might cause them to bite their lip more than once. There are also some ‘F’ bombs and steamy sex scenes. With all that out of the way, I can say that it was a fun interesting story. It is a good mix of the paranormal, relationship between Laney and Troy, cop comradery, fighting scenes and helping folks that are in trouble. I had to chuckle at the relationship Laney has with her transportation. Nice blend and a smart story. Thumbs up for entertainment.


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