Review: Dead Drop

Author Jesse Miles/ Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 269 Pages

Cover Art Dead DropI liked Dead Drop.  Jack Salvo was a competent private investigator. It was refreshing to see a pure detective novel where the P.I. actually knows how to do a stake out, research missing people, deal with others for information, and navigate a relationship with the police. He is efficient and effective. I didn’t have to read through information about quilters, cupcakes, dogs or cats, or other hobby type sub-plots.

It did seem statistically impossible that all the women he came in contact with were attractive and single.  Maybe this was a nod to Mike Hammer? He wasn’t a cad about women though.

The conflict starts quickly.  Jack is in a potential client’s office with the difficulty being outlined.  A corporation has uncovered that an embezzlement has taken place. They want it handled in a quiet way.

The setting was Los Angeles– and this was another strong suit of the author.  The city was described well enough to be an additional character in the book without spending pages and pages describing it.

Anyone that enjoys pure private investigator mysteries will like this solid entry in the sub-genre.


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  6. Thanks for your review of my first Jack Salvo novel DEAD DROP. The second book in the series, CHURCH OF SPILLED BLOOD, is now on KINDLE, KOBO and NOOK. The GoodReads NetGalley campaign for the new book will begin Nov. 29.

    —Jesse Miles