Review: Crimson Son

Author Russ Linton / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 327 Pages

Crimson SonThis book has a great angle on the super hero theme. What would it be like to be the son of a super hero? Spencer struggles with his father’s absence and misses his mother. He’s at young adult hood, but people seem to still be treating him like he’s a kid. So naturally, he is rebellious and frustrated.

I was reminded of a young man I dated in high school. He was the preacher’s son. He shared with me one day about how his dad was there for everyone in the church, called away whenever tragedy befell others. But that often meant that he wasn’t there for his own family. How in the middle of a small family celebration of his birthday, that the phone rang. My boyfriend said as his blew out the candles he hoped that his father wouldn’t answer the phone.

Spencer has some of the same issues. Why isn’t his dad looking for his mother? Why can’t they do regular father son things? Would his dad ever be proud of him? Events take place that throw Spencer into a quest of his own. There is plenty of action and intrigue as he tries to figure out how go about finding his mother and how to fight the same villains his father strives against. There is some harsh language. The author captures the attitudes of a young man quite well. This was a very fun read for anyone that likes action and adventure with a dash of super heros.


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  1. Thank you for hosting and I greatly appreciate the review. The addition of a bit your own personal story was perhaps the best part. (If Crimson Son in anyway caused some personal reflection, I take full credit, ha!) I’ll be checking in with your readers throughout the day so any questions out there, fire away!

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