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Most of us are familiar with Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, and Jesus’ purported spouse, Mary Magdalene. But what about Jesus’ siblings? What role did they play in early Christianity?

Contemporary Jesuit and renowned religious historian Nicholas Branson is about to find out…and the answer will shake the foundations of the Judeo-Christian world.

It all starts with the murder of a United States Senator in a confessional, and the discovery of a strange religious document among his possessions. At the urging of his FBI friend, Branson joins the investigation. His effort to uncover the truth behind the murder draws him into the search for an eight-hundred-year-old treasure and into a web of ecclesiastical and political intrigue.

Accompanied by a beautiful, sharp-tongued research librarian, Jessica Jones, Branson follows a trail of clues, from the peaks of the awe inspiring French Pyrenees to the caves of war-torn Afghanistan. Along the way, shadowy powerful forces trail the pair, determined to keep safe a secret buried for centuries.

Author Matthew Peters / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 336 Pages

The Brothers' Keepers ArtThis novel is part puzzle and action/thriller. It starts out with dramatic action and keeps moving after that. The pace is strong and the dialogue is crisp. It is an entertaining read and will keep you up past your normal bedtime.

The author Matthew Peters has done his homework and included a lot of historical information throughout the novel.  There are times few times when he explains things to Jessica that I felt were to fill us in.  Her education should have give her that much foundation. This was my only complaint about the work.

He uses scripture in places and I am sure that some will have some questions or conversations about some conclusions drawn by the book.  But I always feel it is important to know where you stand and why you feel that way about your faith.  A few moments of evaluation are strengthening to your stance, IMO. This is fiction folks, for entertainment- not life changing philosophy.

Anyone that likes novels like The DaVinci Code will enjoy this.

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19 Responses to Review & Contest: The Brothers’ Keepers

  1. Hi, Felita,

    Thank you for hosting me, and for the review of The Brothers’ Keepers.

    I look forward to interacting with the readers of your blog.

    Question for readers: How important do you view research in writing fiction?

    All the best,

  2. Karen H

    I enjoyed reading your review today

  3. Matthew,
    Thanks for sharing with us here today. How long did it take you to write your novel after you had all the research compiled?

    • Hi Felita,

      Thank you so much for having me today, and for the review of The Brothers’ Keepers.

      Once I had all the research completed it took me about six months to write the manuscript. (The research itself took about a year). I then gave it to a group of beta readers who were kind enough to read it and offer their feedback. Subsequently, I made some changes and then had it edited (both content and copy) before I submitted it for publication.

      All the best,

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