Review: Big Mojo

Author Jack Getze / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / Pages 176


This was my first experience with Austin Carr and I really liked the character. He’s smart, a smart ass at times, but also tries to be a good father. He has a polarizing effect on folks. He has some fiercely loyal friends and some enemies that hate his guts. But they are just pissed off that he outsmarted them in the recent past.

Austin finds himself in a pickle. Some inside information that he could make a killing on, is served up on a silver platter to him. He’s human. He thinks about it. Not for a flashy car, but for his children’s college education. Austin decides he would like to keep his stockbroker license and his business, thank you very much. In a matter of hours he finds himself in more hot water coming from different directions.

This isn’t the first novel in the series, but you didn’t have to read the first two to enjoy this one on its own. All the characters were well drawn. I especially liked a character that enters the picture later in the book. It might be nice to see the fella that Austin admired his suit (and the man). The pace of the action and how characters were introduced was handled well. I enjoyed this book a great deal and will seek out the others.

My electronic Kindle version had three or four excerpts from other authors at the end of the work.
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Wall Street’s miasmal garbage washes up on the Jersey Shore when a small time broker falls in love: Is he attracted to the beautiful lady — or her brother’s inside information? Held spellbound by a steamy, auburn-haired woman with a questionable past and a get-rich-quick, insider trading scheme, Austin Carr knocks down a beehive of bad-acting Bonacellis, including the ill-tempered Mr. Vic Bonacelli, who wants his redhead back, and local mob lieutenant Mama Bones Bonacelli, architect of a strange and excruciating death trap for the fast-talking stockbroker she calls smarty pants. To survive, Austin must unravel threads of jealousy, revenge and new affections, discovering the fate of a pseudo ruby called the Big Mojo, and close the lid on a pending United States of America vs. Austin Carr insider trading case. Can Austin and his Jersey Shore mouthpiece possibly out maneuver the savvy U.S. District Attorney from Manhattan? Does anything matter for Austin again if Mama Bones flips that switch?


About This Author

Former Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Getze is Fiction Editor for Anthony nominated Spinetingler Magazine, one of the internet’s oldest websites for noir, crime, and horror short stories. Through the Los Angeles Times/Washington Post News Syndicate, his news and feature stories were published in over five-hundred newspapers and periodicals worldwide. His two screwball mysteries, BIG NUMBERS and BIG MONEY, are being reissued by DOWN & OUT BOOKS, with the new BIG MOJO to follow. His short stories have appeared in A Twist of Noir and Beat to a Pulp. Getze is an Active Member of Mystery Writers of America’s New York Chapter.

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16 Responses to Review: Big Mojo

  1. Jack

    Thank you for kind words, Felita. Hope you got some laughs.

  2. awesome review! thanks for sharing.

  3. Adriane

    Sounds like an intriguing read.

  4. K Davis

    Looks interesting! This blog is terrific and I’m glad that I found it.

  5. Lisa Richardson

    I do look at the back and inside of books when I’m at a bookstore, but more often than not, I read reviews online and decide if a book sounds like something I would like to read!!

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