Review: Abomination

Author Audra Middleton / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / Pages 208

Tremendous! Although Abomination is the second in the Watcher series, you don’t need to worry that you will be lost trying to figure out the plot line. The author weaves in the pertinent history you may need to know without slowing the action or pace. I guaranteed that you will want to go back and get the first and any books Audra later pens. This was a wonderful read. There are different kingdoms and there is a history to their feuding. The characters are wonderful. Most of them have a special gift. Of course, any character may struggle with how to develop or use their gift wisely.   A little girl named Willow is exactly in this predicament. Through her frustration she does something that kicks all the further action into play.

Abomination Book Cover

Abomination, second in the Watcher fantasy series

She is fun, charming and at the same time exasperating. Any parents out there know that this can be the case with youngsters in general, but Willow’s gift is debate. At dinner with a friend I was telling her about this book and Willow, I pulled out my tablet. I read out an exchange between Willow and Ethan as he was trying to tell her a story about a dog. We both had a laugh about the perfect dialogue as Willow kept challenging Ethan as he tried to make progress in his simple story.

Additionally, there are themes of family, revenge and power. How does a King decide in what moment he should make decisions as a King for all his people, or make a decision as a father regarding his family. When does war and death stop if people continue to seek revenge for past actions? Why can’t folks get to know others that look different or have a different culture from themselves? Several characters have their own conflict about what type of people they want to be.

This was a great fantasy read, and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! So glad you enjoyed it – those exchanges between Willow & Ethan were my favorites to write.

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