Review: A Sting in the Tale

Author Ted Tayler / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 106 Pages

Sometimes you are waiting for your children to get out of football practice, or for your dentist appointment, and would enjoy reading something short, but fun. Maybe you are not sure you want to start on a novel that’s going to take a few days to get through- that’s the perfect time for short stories.

A Sting in the Tale is a collection of short stories that have a bit of a kick to them for the resolution. These will hit the spot. What’s great about this grouping is that there is a bit of variety in the genre of the stories. Some are a bit like a crime story, some the ending is like a punchline to a joke, and some you will go “oh, how cute.” One or two I saw the ending coming, but enjoyed the story nonetheless.

There are a few phrases or words that may seem a little unfamiliar. The author is from Wiltshire and the stories are set in England. They say “write what you know.” So consider the additional vocabulary as part of your tour in the settings. This author’s writing voice is easy going. In one of the first stories, he utilizes the weather almost as another character. It contributes to the mood and maybe heightens the choices the character makes.

Great collection and fun reading.


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