Review: A Debt Paid

Author Joslyn Black /  Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 174 Pages

Warning: this book is meant for mature readers only. 18+ due to sexual content with some nonconsensual scenes, some violence and language.

I have to say it was hard for me to get over that, in this day and age, we were talking about a gal being blackmailed into marriage as the premise for the book. And then I said to myself, ‘you read about vampires and space ships don’t you?’ So suspend your disbelief on that topic for just a few hours and meet Anya and Calix. Calix is a strong, intelligent business man that goes after what he wants. Anya is just as stubborn and sure of what she does and doesn’t want after witnessing her mother’s unhappy marriage. Well, until now, maybe.

A Debt PaidSparks fly. This book is in the ‘hot’ category of romance novels. What I truly liked most about this book was that it wasn’t just about how beautiful or hot someone was. There were passages that actually spoke to them getting domestic with each other, appreciating personality traits they had and enjoying each other’s company, and integrating their family members into the mix of their relationship (good and bad). There are some very tender moments, and some gawd-awful moments between them.

Equally balanced was the dramatic plot line that ran through the book. The intensity of the sex transforms into the intensity of how they will fight to overcome the obstacles before them- individually and together. I really appreciated the power of the overall story line. There may have been some crying, but there definitely was NOT any whining. People took action and any scene in the book was there for a reason. If you can handle the heat, there’s a lot in this kitchen to appreciate.


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