Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Author Amy Morin / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / Pages 272

I believe that most folks that like to read are also the type of people that like to grow and improve themselves. Even if you aren’t into reading psychology books in general, I think anyone can related to some portion of this book. The author Amy Morin discusses 13 areas or weaknesses that can slow the journey to contentment and happiness.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do CoverMost people would look over the list of 13 and mentally say to themselves “I’m fine with that one, that one, yup, okay on that, “ but then hit one and stop dead in their tracks. Or their spouse reading over their shoulder would say “Skip to #7, you need to read that chapter, honey.” If you are wondering where your weak spot may be, the publishers have provided a quiz.

The style and formatting of the book is easy on psychological terms and organized in a practical style. The use of real life examples, bullet points, beginning chapters with famous quotes and summarizing ‘What’s Helpful’ and ‘What’s Not Helpful’ at the end of each topic make for light reading of serious subject matter. I liked that references for each chapter were included at the back of the book. If you decided you wanted to delve more deeply in to research on your soft spot, you could.

I found the title to be a little awkward. If I admit to doing one of the things on the list, does that mean I’m not mentally strong? She addresses this in the first chapter: What is Mental Strength.

I laughed at # 11 – They Don’t Fear Alone Time. I love alone time! I sometimes turn down social invitations just so I can have quiet home time. I’ve got that one down cold.

Ah, but number 13 – They Don’t Expect Immediate Results. There’s my Achilles heel. If I start a new diet plan, follow all the rules and don’t cheat and get on the scales and I don’t see some change? Maybe there’s a little bit of #10 in there, They Don’t Give Up After the First Failure. Patience is rolled up in those topics. Creating realistic goals and pacing yourself were the two recommendations that I grabbed a hold of from the reading. There were more suggestions, but these were the two that I thought applied to my situation. I was an honor roll student back in my younger days. I think that sometimes causes me to be harder on myself. That I’m supposed to get things right the first time.

So in with your 2015 resolutions, grab this book and pick a thing to ‘not do’ to increase your mental strength!

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