Review: 13 Hollywood Apes

Author Gil Reavill / Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 308 Pages

Debut Layla Remington Mystery

The opening three pages of this novel are impactful and saddening. There was no way I was going to set this book down until I knew who did such a thing. What possible reason they could have? Layla Remington also felt the same way about this crime.

There is a smidgen of politics involved in both the DA’s office and the police departments. How seriously they do or do not take this initial occurrence makes Layla’s job harder. There’s another case in the news about some celebrities. There is the situation of dealing with a district attorney Rick Stills who’s been recently assigned to her area. How does she even find a way to get the evidence processed? So there are a lot of moving parts.

I enjoyed the relationship between Layla and her father. He’s a man she can trust. All the characters were realistic and multi-layered. There’s room for cops, reporters, scientists, lawyers, actresses, henchmen, veterinarians, wealthy and poor on this trail to find answers.

The author weaves a nice storyline and also gives a dash of information about chimpanzees, old movies, and Hollywood along the way. You do not have to be a pet owner to appreciate this book. There are scenes that are heartfelt, but it’s not a cutesy or cozy style book. Several of the characters have strong opinions about the animals and that enriches the plot. It still boils down to someone took another’s life. What Layla has to discover is: who and why.

It was a really good book. I read it in two nights.

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  1. Wow, a two night read?! I love those kinds of books that I just cannot put down!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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