The Sanction Series Book 1 – A Young Adult Dystopian Novella

Author H J Lawson/ Reviewed by Felita Daniels / 168 Pages

This novella starts out with the author telling you about the world Skylier lives in. Like most dystopian literature, there are those that have- the folks that live in the Purenet.  And there are those that have not- families relegated to live in the caves of the Cueva. There are also some objectors or rebels called Grounders. It would have been much more elegant if the author had woven this information into the story. The early pages fell into the telling us category rather than showing us.

The character of Skylier had her own strength and she quickly made decisions when faced with chances and obstacles. I was grateful we didn’t have to listen to a young girl wonder, daydream and change her mind repeatedly. Skylier knew early on that the options given to her by the societal structure where not what she wanted for herself. In speaking of the Cueva:

“Everyone is leaving, either through selection, or death, or by just disappearing. They have lost the fight, simply given up – like the generations before us.”

After we are situated in knowing of the unhappy prospects, we are slammed into action. Evil is presented and Skylier meets other characters such as Xander, Dax and Hayden. Together some secrets are uncovered and others hinted at. This is one of those “to be continued” type works with a cliffhanger

I believe that young adults who eat up dystopian will feel happy with the action and characters in this book. More mature readers will probably prefer a touch more sophistication in writing style. The foundation and plotting are solid for this type of series endeavor.


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