Book Reviewers Wanted

Would you like to discover new to you authors?  Don’t mind sharing your opinion with others about the book you’ve read?  Lilac Reviews is looking for some readers that would like to contribute books reviews.

Basically, we will have a list of books available for review.  You sign up for the one(s) that interest you.  We send you a imobi, epub or PDF.  After writing your review we post it on Lilac Reviews.  Also authors need exposure on Amazon and other book seller sites.  So you will also need to post at least on Amazon.  If you can do B & N, Goodreads or others that is icing on the cake. When you’ve turned in your review and posted to Amazon you’ll get $5.00.  This has nothing to do with the authors and is not paying for a review.  This is Lilac Reviews paying you for your time, writing and being reliable about meeting your deadlines.

Here is the sign up form….

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  1. How do you choose books to review. I need some reviews