Audio Review: Creatura

Author Nely Cab / Narrated by Helen Cricco / Reviewed by Felita Daniels

9 hours and 59 minutes

This was an intriguing story about a teenager on the verge of graduation and college. She is having trouble Creatura Audible Photosleeping and addressing this issue throws her into a world previously unknown to her. I was reviewing this in audiobook form. Honestly, I have to say I think I would have enjoyed the book more.

The narrator, Helen Cricco, decided to give David an accent. I couldn’t tell if she was going for vampire, or Russian. He’s not from Russia. I may have missed an explanation somewhere, but his mother and two brothers don’t remotely speak with an accent such as David’s.

Clair, Isis’s mother, and Gabriel’s voices came off as childish. There were times I felt Isis was taking care of her mother more than the other way around. I had trouble sorting out if I felt that way because of the narrator’s voice for the mother.

On to my comments about the plot line- I think the writing is solid. Isis starts out with her sleep problem, but soon has additional discoveries and conflicts in her life. She’s navigating a current romance, dealing with an ex, finding out about her birthright and secrets her mother may have kept from her. The author did a good job of interweaving these so that the novel felt like it was going forward to a critical point. Isis shows strength at times, and doubt at others. There’s a nice blend.

There is a lot resolved near the end, but there is a cliffhanger that will draw you into the second novel in the series. I would recommend the book version of this novel to anyone who enjoys young adult paranormal with a dash of drama.


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