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Author of The Cancer Club shares with Lilac Reviews

You state that inspiration for this book is the life of Eren Ozker.  Did you meet her in person? 

Yes, I did. In fact, I can say she was one of the best friends I have ever encountered. She was of Turkish/American background and had 5 sisters, all of whom she was close to. She had been a stage and film actress in both NY and Los Angeles and was the first woman Muppeeteer Jim Henson ever hired. Later, she was also involved in getting puppeteers recognized by Screen Actor’s Guild and AFTRA.

Eren always reminded me of the Biblical Eve: full bodied, intelligent, dramatic, raven haired. She had an artistic/Bohemian nature and a wicked sense of humor. And she was the first cultured and well- read person who was a real fan of my writing. I admired her, respected her and loved her dearly. I still think of her often.

How did you come to know her (if it wasn’t specifically interview for this work).

I met Eren through the man I was living with at the time, Michael Norrell, who broke into show biz as a stage and TV actor. After morphing into a writer of teleplavs and screen plays, he created “The Love Boat” and won many awards for TV movies wrote like “Bingo Long and the Travelling All-Stars” starring Dermot Mulroney and “Barnum” starring Burt Lancaster.” One of Michael’s best friends was well-known character actor William “Bill” Bogert – and Eren was married to Bill.

How did you come to find out about the Next Best Fiction Author Contest?

A friend of mine sent me the link to check out. I am so glad I did!

How did you find your cover artist? Did you already have an idea for the cover?  Did the artist read the book to make suggestions?

I came up with the idea of the cover myself. It had to reference cancer, celebrating and tropical vacation climes. Plus it HAD to include a wig. I put together some clip art images and sent them to my business partner, Laura Dobbins, who is an ex newspaper reporter and managing editor with tons of writing and design experience. (She has won over 23 journalism awards, some for page design.) She was the one who put all the elements together. GREAT JOB.

Many new authors are struggling with juggling their writing time with marketing and PR tasks.  If you could only pass on 1 tip to get the best mileage for your time and money, what one thing should be at the top of their marketing approach?

After deciding to go with Amazon, too few authors take advantage of all the free advertising that book selling behemoth makes available. For example, there are several places during the account set up and manuscript uploading process where Amazon asks you for “key words” – words and phrases to describe your book’s category and sub categories. Amazon uses these words and phrases to help people who are searching for a product like yours FIND YOUR PRODUCT! Most newbies don’t bother to take advantage of this … big mistake.

Tell us a little about your next project?

I currently contribute regularly to two magazines in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area: “Prime Time” and Desert Entertainer.” Laura and I just released a book marketing book on Amazon called “Advanced Kindle Book Marketing.” And I am on the first rewrite of what will be my 3rd novel: “The Scroll of the Son of Heaven” which takes place in China in the 1600s and centers around a war lord named Li Tze-Cheng (who actually existed) who took on and defeated the armies of China’s Emperor.

Felita, Thanks for this opportunity!

The Cancer Club:: a crazy, sexy, inspirational novel of survival

About the Author

Author Lucinda Sue CrosbyLucinda Sue Crosby is an Amazon bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, political blogger, environmental activist, a published & recorded Nashville songwriter and a commissioned poet. In her younger days, she also enjoyed a career as a Hollywood actress, played professional tennis and spent several seasons as an In-Demand tennis commentator for the WTA tour.

Crosby has had a love affair with the written word since she was three years old when she accidentally taught herself to read. Her twin passions for a delicious character-driven narrative and multi-level storytelling about “things that MATTER” have led her to tackle the array of above-mentioned word-centric genres as well as her currently flourishing literary career. For this, she earned selection by in 2011 as One of 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading.

Her first novel, Francesca of Lost Nation, has earned six five literary prizes and is an Amazon bestseller.  Highly productive, Crosby has also authored three other Kindle bestsellers: The Adventures of Baylard Bear – a story about being DIFFERENT  (a children’s fiction with an adoption theme for ages 4 to10); … Sell More eBookS – How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing  (co-written with Laura Dobbins, this is a book marketing guide for new indie authors); and Why is POOKIE stinky? (also with Dobbins, a charmingly illustrated rhyming picture book about a rescued terrier and her fun interactions with her human family and unusual critters).

Crosby’s latest release is already proving a fan favorite: The Cancer Club – a crazy, sexy, inspirational novel of survival. A thumbnail sketch: Fighting breast cancer requires courage, optimism, guts, loving support, faith and a sense of the absurd. If you survive, reclaiming your life is even tougher … Follow Marly Mitchell’s journey through denial, anger, “why me?”, the mythology of boobs in western culture and a dehumanizing, enraging and even hilarious sequence of events that causes her to rethink and redefine her deepest self.

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