Interview with Lisa Caviness

Lisa Caviness shares with us about books!

What book do you have on your shelf that you go to over and over for help on writing technique/craft. Why do you find this one so helpful?

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_OrderOfFearThere are actually two books I refer to often. Mastering Suspense, Structure and Plot by Jane K. Cleland. I love the breakdown of plotting techniques. This book has really helped me plan my stories and plot twists. The other book I often refer back to is The Book on Writing, The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well by Paula LaRocque. I often use this book as a reference for grammar, sentence structure, and specific storytelling devices. I like craft books with lots of examples and helpful tools I can apply to my work.


What book have you loved/ kept from your youth?  What made you fall in love with it?

There are two books from my youth I currently have on my shelf. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is a book I fell in love with as a young girl. I was fascinated by the concept of time travel. The other book I’ve kept on my shelf is 1984, by George Orwell. Although the book depicted life under a totalitarian government, I found hope as Winston dared to have individual thoughts rejecting Big Brother, even if it was short-lived and accomplished by internally questioning the government, writing in a journal, and loving another person.


What is the latest book you are reading?  What drew you to  it?

I am reading Love Encounters by LaNora Mangano. The book is a love story set against the business of paranormal investigations. What an interesting concept! I’ve watched some of those ghost hunting shows and found them intriguing so this book appealed to me. I’ve read other books by LaNora and she has a way of really getting into the characters’ heads and showing the emotional aspects of relationships. I read a lot of thrillers and romantic suspense novels but stepping away from that kind of intensity and reading a story so steeped in the emotional and physical aspects of a relationship is a satisfying departure.


What cookbook is your favorite and why?

With the explosion of cooking blogs and online recipe websites, I don’t buy physical cookbooks anymore but one of the cookbooks I still use is the old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Their apple crisp and pineapple upside down cake recipes are wonderful and remind me of family dinners with my grandmothers.


What other hobbies/interests do you enjoy (other than reading/writing)?

I love working out and can be found in the gym on most mornings. Running and lifting weights are my favorite activities. Also, when the weather cooperates, I enjoy walking and hiking.


What is your next book about?

I’m currently working on Book Two of The Order Series, entitled Order of Malice.

Reid Patterson isn’t who he says he is. Compelled to make several life changes after the shocking discovery of his psychotic and murderous birth mother, Reid wants to prove to himself he’s not like his biological family. His singular goal of joining the FBI has been his focus. Then with one knock at his door, his life changes again as old family ties surface. He’s thrown into a deadly game with a beautiful woman as his heart is tested.

Holly Babson is burnt out. As a child psychologist in the foster care system, Holly feels her work isn’t making a difference. She longs for a quiet life and a quiet practice. Then, a teenaged girl runs away. When Holly delivers Lila back to her foster family, something isn’t quite right. Holly and Lila are forced to flee for their lives. They end up in a dangerous quest for truth as Holly’s life and emotions are tossed into shambles.

The forgotten child, Ivan Sinclair, surfaces with a vengeance. Denied a place in his family’s organization, The Order, Ivan is on a mission to claim the top spot and usurp the power that should have rightly been his. Murder, deceit, and greed ensue as Ivan is determined to succeed at all costs.

As Reid and Holly’s world collide against the diabolical force of The Order, they fight for their lives and their hearts.

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MediaKit_BookCover_OrderOfFearAbout the Book by Lisa Caviness

Marissa Nash, part-time ballet dancer and accountant by day, plans to call off her wedding to her philandering fiancé, instead she finds him dead. Dr. Justin Tanner is the best man who harbors buried feelings for Marissa. As they uncover past secrets, throwing them into a deadly battle with an evil organization, they must also come to grips with their growing feelings threatening to leave them both shattered. Order of Fear is a romantic suspense novel.

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About the Author

As a lifelong reader of an eclectic pool of books from mystery/thrillers, science fiction, contemporary romance, and the classics, Lisa Caviness has never been without a book on the nightstand and a long to be read list. Like many writers, she started crafting stories as a child. However as an adult, creativity took a back seat to her career in pharmaceutical and medical device research. In 2013, Lisa decided to get serious about writing and joined Romance Writers of America (Crossroads Romance Writers, Indiana RWA, and Kiss of Death Chapters) and later Sisters in Crime (Speed City Chapter). The education she has received, proved invaluable but more importantly the support from fellow writers has enriched her in thrilling and unexpected ways. Lisa writes romantic suspense.

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