Interview – Kenneth Hoss

Eye of the Storm — Released Today

We had the chance to talk with Kenneth about writing and his relationship with his main character Kelli Storm.

What is your favorite scene in the book?  Why?

That’s a tough question; it’s like asking which of your kids you like best. If I had narrow it down, I would have to say it was the scene where Kelli visits Dallas, at the request of the DEA, and is standing in Dealy Plaza. She recalls what her Father told her about the day that JFK was shot.


Which part of this book was the hardest to write?

The end. I always have a problem with ending a project. Not because I don’t know how it ends, but for the fact that the ride is over.


Police Procedural

Police Procedural

What comes first for you, the how-to of the crime, the murderer, setting, how the main characters interact? I suppose in a roundabout way, I’m wondering if you outline in advance or do you sit down with a blank piece of paper and start at page one?

Actually, after writing the first Kelli Storm novel, Kelli tells me what is going to happen. I sit down at my computer, bring up a blank document and listen to her. Of course there are times when she wants something to go a certain way and we argue about it. Eventually one of us gives in, usually me, and we continue. There have been times that I’ve made her so mad that she didn’t talk to me for days. You don’t want to make her mad; after all, she does carry a gun.


Do you think mysteries are easier or harder to market?  Why?

I would have to say it’s probably somewhere in the middle. While my books are not technically mysteries, I haven’t had any issues in marketing them. Granted I don’t have a publicist, and I do all of my own marketing via social media and word of mouth.


Have you already started your next project?  What’s it about?

Yes and no. I have an idea brewing; however, both Kelli and I are taking a little time off. It was an exhausting ride.


There are times when I struggle writing a review because I can’t give away plot points in a discussion about the logic of a novel.  How do you feel about coincidence in a work that involves a puzzle to be solved?

I believe that coincidence has its uses in a mystery, as long as it isn’t used as convenience. One coincidence might work, but when you have three of more, then you need to do a rewrite. Coincidences happen in real life, so why not in fiction? Just don’t overdo it.


Are you still reading physical books only, or have you switched to a tablet, Nook, Kindle?  Or are you a hybrid.  How do you feel about changes in the publishing industry?

I suppose I’m a hybrid. I love my Kindle, even if it is an older one, and I still love the feel and smell of a real book. As far as the changes in the industry, I don’t believe that we’ve seen the full effects yet. A lot of things are still happening and I don’t see the dust settling any time soon.


Author Kenneth HossAuthor of Storm Rising, Storm Warning & Deadly Storm – the Kelli Storm Series 

Eye of the Storm – Out Today!

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