Interview: Heather Kirchhoff

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I just write. I usually know a little bit of what’s going to happen within, but I love being surprised by my characters.
Do you have to have quiet when you write? Do you write daily, or lock
yourself in a room and do a marathon?
I do both quiet and not. I sometimes turn the TV off to write while on other days I put music in my ears. It all depends on who’s home with me or if I’m alone. And, honestly, I don’t always write daily, though I’m trying to get on that. I’m in school so that makes it a little difficult because I may or may not have homework (depends on if I get it done during school), plus I get busy doing other things.

Just Relaxing!

Just Relaxing!

If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your
novel or getting it published that you would change?
Nope. I’m pleased with how it is now.
What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What
has been the best compliment?
I’m not really sure about toughest but I’ll go with one that pretty much said my book was moving too quickly and she wished there was more. I’d say all of the good reviews are the best compliments to me.
What would you like your readers to know about this book or you in general?
I’d love for them to know about me and the book. I enjoy when I get to know other authors and think it’d be fun to get to know my readers.
Where do you spend your online time? Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram?  Somewhere else?
I usually get on Facebook and Twitter, plus I add book like things to Pinterest when I have something.
What are you reading now? Who are you favorite authors?
I’m almost done with Stardust by Rue Volley, which I recommend. Traditional (they inspired me to write): Richelle Mead, Alyson Noel, and Stephenie Meyer. Indie: Kate Marie Robbins, Nadege Richards, Sandra Love, and Bree Vanderland so far.

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