Dying to Forget

(The Station – Volume 1)

Author Trish Marie Dawson / Reviewed by Felita Daniels /179 Pages /

Narrated by Kimberly Woods / 4 Hours & 44 Minutes

Audible Dying to Forget CoverWhen I first started listening to this work, I was disappointed that the narrator had a monotone style.  Please don’t stop here.  A few minutes into the story I understood why.   The narrator’s voice was a good match for the main character.  A young girl old enough to drive, but still finding her way through personal tragedy. Where the author started us with this character may cause you to worry that the book will be depressing.  I believe we had to see where this character’s pivotal actions started.

This work doesn’t fit neatly into a genre category.  I believe young adults will get a lot from this as the characters are very relatable and realistic.  Also anyone that has experienced the loss of someone near to them that committed suicide might find a small measure of comfort. This is not a clinical psychological study. It is not any type of lecture either.

It is somewhat like the television show Quantum Leap from years ago.  The main character finds themselves thrown in to help someone that is in jeopardy of committing suicide.  The difficulty is that Piper willow doesn’t know why and where the pain comes from that the individual is facing.  So she has to feel her way through the situation, look for clues and try to determine what will help this person.

This is a work that is not a standalone work, complete in itself.  To feel a sense of finish, one will need to purchase the further books to see what has become of the characters you met in this one.

Here’s the titles of the books in the series:

Dying To Forget: The Station Series 1
Dying to Remember: The Station Series 2
Dying to Return: The Station Series 3



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