A Land Uncharted

Author Keely Brooke Keith / Narrated by Kate Fisher
Reviewed by Felita Daniels / Kindle 309 Pages / Audible 8 hours

The author’s third book (the final in this story arc) has just been released on May 5th.  She’s having a contest over at her blog to celebrate. You can enter to win the whole set!

Audible Cover ArtThis was a lovely, relaxing story. The pace is even as you are finding out about how Lydia Colburn’s family and others have built a civilization for themselves. Injured aviator Connor Bradshaw miraculously survives a crash and must determine if he has landed in the hands of friend or foe.

As Connor learns about their customs and society, he also searches for how he can return to his duty. As time passes will he come to believe this society needs as much protection as he gave his country before?

There are themes about how to treat others with respect, responsibility toward others in the community, hospitality, etc. This is a book that could easily be read and shared with all ages in the family and then discussed. The only aspect of the story that disappointed me was Lydia’s obsession with how others thought of her and her reputation. This wasn’t about her dating life, it was about what they expected of her daily as the community’s potential doctor. For example, she got squeamish if someone she was having a conversation with started to lean toward gossiping. Lydia worried that others might see her and associate that she herself was a gossip. This wasn’t the only occurrence of her taking a ‘guilt by association’ type attitude.

The narrator Kate Fisher was wonderful. Sometimes when a narrator tries to do different voices- they become cartoony. That wasn’t the case here. Young, old, female or male the voices were done perfectly.

The story here does have resolution at the close. However, it leaves open a great deal to be explored in further books. It was nice to be in on the beginning of how Connor came to The Land Uncharted.

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The Land Uncharted (Volume 1)


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9 Responses to A Land Uncharted

  1. krystel

    really nice blog post

  2. Megan A

    Sounds like a great book, I like the cover

  3. Mai T.

    A very beautiful cover that conveys serenity!

  4. Starla B

    Sounds so wonderful. I am glad this isn’t cartoon like. I am not a fan of that much anymore!

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